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12 definitions by truckdriver

When the penis is removed from the oral cavity during fellatio and the recipient graciously ejaculates into one's own palm. The person providing fellatio is then slapped with the semen ladened palm, spreading the viscous emissions across the face. Generally considered a demeaning act.
He was delighted that his partner pulled out of his mouth prior to ejaculating until suddenly he found himself the recipient of a Seattle Slapjack.
by Truckdriver April 14, 2009
A male with a speech affect that creates the impression that the individual may be a homosexual. A lispian may or may not be gay.
Don't bother he's just a lispian.
by Truckdriver June 10, 2009
A golf accessory that has a compartment for balls and a compartment for tees.
I cannot tee off yet as I left my ballsac teebagger in the clubhouse.
by Truckdriver April 14, 2009
The young journalist realized he had been tricked when the critic, now spent, mocked him saying, "there's your pull it sir prize."
by Truckdriver April 26, 2009
Surgical removal of all or part of a rib. A procedure popularized in parts of Italy and France during the late twelfth century. Common amongst crusaders who spent years separated from their mistresses. The surgical removal of the rib was believed to facilitate chastity by allowing crusaders better mouth to penis auto-access and the ability to perform fellatio on themselves. Still practiced in parts of rural France.

The procedure is performed only rarely in women.
Francois was better able to focus on his studies after the costectomy.
by Truckdriver April 26, 2009
How Republicans, smart enough to know that the Republican Party platform is an embarassment, refer to themselves.
Mom, why do Constitutionalists always vote exactly the same as Republicans?
by Truckdriver March 21, 2010

Having a valid submission to Urban Dictionary rejected.

Although Walt's term was valid and his definition was accurate, he still got dict by the Urban Dictionary.
by Truckdriver April 19, 2009