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Ever looking for that filler word? That word that'll make your paper/report/phonecall/instant message/text message sound much more intelligent than it really is? Well now you've found it! This word means absolutely nothing and at the same time everything. Use it for anything and use it for nothing. Use it to it's fullest extent.
WARNING: not advised to be used in college courses or important papers
The dew on the morning blossom seems almost inconsubrious...

He gave her the look that said, why are you being so inconsubrious?

The man raced through the crowd in a very inconsubrious manner...

if only you wouldn't be so inconsubrious...
by trptking November 05, 2008
A magical, mystical, shape transforming being who has lived since the earth was created. He supervised the building of the pyramids. He was originally the lead guitarist for Gunses and Roses and gave them their start. He passed on and was reborn in the form of a pharmacist in Waco, Texas. There he created Dr. Pepper. Every day, wether you know it or not, Old Red is making the world run the way it does. Every day, every person who knows about Old Red can call upon Old Red and ask him for an Old Red miracle. He listens to 80% of the requests 90% of the time. Old Red is currently lying low in the form of my friend's dog. Once he dies, Old Red will find a new body to control. He is always present! Whenever something good happens, you fuckin thank Old Red...
Guy 1: Oh shit, looks like it's gonna rain...
Guy 2: You can't mow the lawn when it's raining...fuck
Guy 1: I know, I'll ask Old Red for an Old Red miracle so it doesn't rain...
Guy 2: nice...

(later on)
Guy 2: Dude it didn't rain!
Guy 1: I got the lawn mowed! Thank you Old Red!
by trptking August 07, 2008
A poser, loser, wanna-be, f'tard who thinks they're being oh so cool on their new motorcycle or in their brand new mustang. they have "badass" hairstyles, and make loud noise when the situation doesn't call for it. they need attention and hope they'll get lucky with any girl that gives them a look of disgust. when you say cool-guy, you need to emphasize the double o's in the word. It ends up sounding like "coo-guy" but with a faint "L" at the end and make it sound really sarcastic. I don't fuckin care that you have a brand new Ducati, brand new Oakleys, and a "sexy" mohawk, you're only 15 years old you dumbass! You're not cool!
Kid 1: school was boring as hell today
Kid 2: I know, Calculus sucks...
Cool-Guy: (roars up the street on his motorcycle with his backpack on from the school day)
Kid 1: Cool-Guy right there, wish i could be like him
Kid 2: Fo sho, wish i was a Cool-Guy...what a loser
by trptking September 14, 2008
A fucking beast!!!! He is...
Half dolphin
Half Matthew Bellamy and
Half human
Sports fanatic: Did you see that Michael Phelps win his fourteenth gold medal last night?
Someone who doesn't care about watching the best swimmer in the world: nope
Sports Fanatic: you're such a fuckin loser. Go kill yourself...
by trptking August 16, 2008
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