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11 definitions by troyum

Meaning 1.
A Homosexual man that rides the knob/head of the penis to minimize penetration/painfulness during anal intercourse.

Meaning 2.
A anal retentive (tight assed) person that won't do a friend a small favour. The payout factor is that usually during sex the entire penis (shaft and knob) penetrates or is riden. This meaning suggests that via being a knob jockey and not a cock jockey that they are not giving the other party the satisfaction of riding the entire shaft rather than just the knob. Somewhat of a bastard.
Example 1.

Dude, I heard Rodney is a knob jockey.

Example 2.

Frances, fuck that man is so tight with is cash. Fucking knob jokcey.
by TROYum May 04, 2005
195 85
Meaning 1.
The act of placing one's penis between to buns and offering it as a meal. Usually leads to some form of oral sex.

Meaning 2.
Also used in the phrase "I'd like a penis burger with extra penis" to poke fun at fast food chains and their dodgy food.
Example 1.
"I got a burger right here for you baby, A penis burger"

Example 2.
Cashier "Can I take your order please?"
Customer "I'd like a penis burger with extra penis, large fries and a thickshake"
Cashier "We don't have any penis burgers on the menu, sir.
Customer "What kinda place is this? I just want a fucking penis burger with extra penis... is that so fucking hard?"
by TROYum May 04, 2005
69 33
Said by friends when something extreme occurs.
"After that bottle of Jack he sculled Dwayne was fucked up, 2 the maxxx!!!
by TROYum May 03, 2005
9 5
Anything to do with the band Pink Floyd.
Frederick: look at this graphic on my computer, what do you think of it?

Douglas: It looks rather floydish

Frederick: Yeh, I guess it is somewhat floydish
by TROYum July 30, 2005
8 7
The act of spending money on cheap wine (usually in cask form) by a group to get intoxicated quickly.
"We only got $10AUD and we wanna get drunk tonight, what should we do?

"I say that we should be gooning it up my friend"
by TROYum May 07, 2005
6 6
The act of many people in a group having marijuana via a bong or a pipe.
"Dude, come over to my place, at 5pm I will be coning it up and would like you to join me."
by TROYum May 05, 2005
2 2
The act of an Italian or Greek individual (usually of male gender) leaving his group of greek or italian friends and become close friends with other members of other nationalities.
"Ever since he started hanging with us he's been acting different"

"Yeh I think we dewoganized him"
by TROYum May 03, 2005
1 1