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I think Salvo is playing Weapons and Warriors with Seth and Shaun right now, at least that's what his fatus said.
by TroyMcClure November 04, 2009
Dank Bacon, as found at Whole Foods, or other amazing food emporium.
Jim picked up some Dankcon to put on top of the Burritos. It was the bomb.
by TroyMcClure October 16, 2009
To take a brief nap while taking a long shit, usually because one is so dehydrated while simultaneously very tired.
Jay took a nice shnap at the Kroeger since he refused to use even the VIP port-o-sans on the last day of Summer Camp
by TroyMcClure June 02, 2010
Another word for a black eye.
Jeff in Texas gives his wife a Southern Kiss when she doesn't listen.
by troymcclure December 24, 2012
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