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73 definitions by troy

Nickname of someone who always wants to be better at games than you are.
You have been defeated by: Rujensan.
by Troy November 11, 2004
Large mamal mostly found in dark areas in regional Victoria, has been know to be vicious.

If encountered, approach with extreme caution.

May be modding or hacking something...and can be seen "In the Gibson"

Settle down, dont pull a rompom on me!
by Troy October 30, 2004
A stank ass female that seems like a good idea to fuck when ur drunk.
"I'd love to stick my man pole in that little cock sponge at the end of the bar !"
by troy October 21, 2004
chaos. often used to exlaim suppuriority. Used by uber nerds amd wana be posers.
The French word for Chaos.
This word was orriganly used by Ethan C
Ethan: ALl your books are belong to us!
troy: No!
Ethan: Brouhaha
by Troy February 08, 2005
What Jeff Rosenstock considers Matt Wixson.
Matt Wixson is a douchecock, although it's not wise to offend him like I did.
by Troy August 26, 2008
To get an immediate erection from a lovely specimen of the opposite (or same) sex (whatever floats your boat).
Damn that girl in volleyball shorts gave me an instarection before I knew what happened.
by Troy April 23, 2007
jake is the king of the hooch clan and often recruits new members see hooch
cool dude: i stole an mp3
other dude: thats just jakeish
by Troy January 21, 2005