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The illusions that are seen by a coke or crack head as a result of looking out the window incessantly. This behavior results from paranoia or the feeling that someone might be watching you. Many cocaine users fight this sensation by covering up all their windows with towels and blankets.
Everytime I go past Jimmy's house, I swear I see someone peaking out the side of the blanket that covers that window.

Yea, Jimmy must be watching for the window ooglies. Go pound on his door and scream POLICE!!!
by trotwoodian October 18, 2009
A rather humorous way of referring to what some may call a "bearded clam." Often times the word will be used in reference to having sex with a nasty hooker.
What are you doing tonight?

I am going into the city to pick up chicks. If all else fails, I might be settling for some curd casserole.
by trotwoodian October 18, 2009

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