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Bichon Frises were circus dogs during the French Renaissance, and then people realized that they weren't even worthy enough for such a task and put them in trash cans all around France. Now the Bichon Frise resides in homes where it usually does not walk but instead is carried from its food location to the bathroom so it can shit comfortably and not have to put effort into anything. Bichon Frises do not possess enough brain matter to understand the concept of accomplishing things, and are generally referred to as worthless. They have been proven to evolve through a method other than natural selection because they would have been extinct thousands of years ago, killed off by mice or butterflies. Bichon Frises are afraid of life.
I have a Bichon Frise named Trotter. If you look at him, he barks at you until he forgets why he is barking, and then pees on everything within a 4 foot radius and begs for snacks. Nobody cares about Trotter.
by trotter is small December 01, 2006

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