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2 definitions by trottdog

Over the course of a night, or over a weekend period, to be seen going from party to party to party... often in a state of downward spiral.

or to have a 'lohan night out'
Mikey: oh my god you look knackered mate... did you have a big night last night?
Joey: I ended up at 5 different parties... was barely at one for more than an hour... I totes 'Pulled a Lohan'
by trottdog October 11, 2010
when your body clock is confused into thinking it has jet-lag... caused by a weekend of nocturnal partying and chemical abuse.

Causing the inability to sleep on a Sunday night and waking exhausted on a Monday morning.

The shortened from. Simply: Trash-lag
Joey: oh my god, I had NO sleep all weekend, then went to bed early on Sunday night and barely got a wink even though I was exhausted.

Katie: Your such a trash bag. You def got a case of Trash bag jet lag
by trottdog October 11, 2010