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Popular Detroit hardcore/screamo band. Getting big now, as they are about to leave for their European tour.

Official MySpace biography:
Tour, Write, Record and Repeat; this is the formula that Detroit, Michigans own Crackjaw has used to earn their gradual success.

In 2005 Crackjaw obtained professional management, released a record (Giants from the Stereo), attracted a booking agent and played over 125 shows.

After their successful 2005 campaign Crackjaw sparked the interest of I Scream Records and in early 2006 inked a two album record deal. On may 16th of 2006 I Scream Records re-released Giants from the Stereo worldwide with the distribution being handled by the Navarre Corporation with eager anticipation.

Inspiring, tough, and incorporated would describe Crackjaw as a band as a business and also in their live shows! With Their bright eyes for the future and their hunger for the endless struggle, Crackjaw will continue to grow and obtain their goal of being heard by all!
I'm going to see Crackjaw at the Modern Exchange!
by troryfan101 September 21, 2006

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