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they are talking about Grey Goose Vodka due to the familiar blue lable on the top.
Blue top and tonic
by trophy wife March 13, 2009
When you are so intoxicated you A.) cant type well and B.) are both DRINKING and DRUNKEN, culminating in horrid decisons.
"MAN, Vinny I was SOOOOO freakin driunkin I cybered with a dude...then banged Linney in her bunkeye!"
by trophy wife April 10, 2009
PBB it stands for Punk. Basil. Bitch.

it means u pretty much preform oral favors for cash compensation, fail at life in general, and everyone hates your black skin.

it it stems from Basil, which is the best term ever created to refer to a complete lame ass.
WOW! You really looked it up, your a total PBB.
by trophy wife March 17, 2009

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