3 definitions by trojan

if a white midget was to escape from the circus and buy a bucket of chicken, and sum of the skin stuck in his teeth. say this skin was then sent of to fre-rensicks to be examined, the small peice of skin would become a "chalooba"
that peice of skin is proper chalooba bo
by trojan April 13, 2005
a game were 2 or more home boys sit with there legs spread on the floor with there big fat boners. they then take there ho and try and chuck it to land on there dick.
"shit bro, throw dat ho"
by trojan April 13, 2005
a wanna skater etc. likes to were blink 182 and greenday hoodys. only into it because it is fashionable.
would usualy class bands such a good charlote as punk, but wouldnt actualy know punk if it gobbed in there face.
josh gaylor is a gromet
by trojan April 07, 2005

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