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To be roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris.
*Chuck Norris whoopes your ass in the local bar.*
Chuck: You got Chucked, punk!
You: *cry*
by troi January 21, 2006
A fable creature from the deep recesses of the United Kingdom known for a fabulous ability to spotting and killing trolls before they can cause any harm to the surroundings of The Peskaa. The Peskaa is very protective of its environment and as such, its aggressive nature will often come into play. Its main weapon, defensive and offensive, is its wit and great knowledge of dirty words. Rather than beating the snot out of a troll, it will break its spirit by using its verbal skills.

The Peskaa is often thought of as looking like a typical male geek with huge glasses, pimples and way too small clothes. In fact, it is a female creature of incredible beauty. Those that has had the pleasure of walking unharmed from an encounter with the Peeska will tell you that its looks are unfathomable and not to be described with words.

In short; a creature that is attractive, but deadly. Few people have walked away from the Peskaa without scars or severe mental trauma.
Person1: What’s the matter mate, you’re shaking and crying? And where’s all that blood from, your ears?
Person2: *twitches* Teh peskaa iz teh comin.. Comin.. *hides*
by troi January 21, 2006
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