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The perfect match for a Stud Waffle. A woman with stunning beauty and a keen intellect. She is independent and strong but doesn't mind a man taking care of her. The type of girl you just don't pass up.
See that chick over at the register... she is one Hot Topping. A girl like that doesn't stay single long.

Wow man. That Robyn girl is a seriously Hot Topping. Some Stud Waffle is really lucky.
by trogthemanchild June 10, 2009
An incredibly hunky or attractive man. Possessing desirable physical and social characteristics. A true man's man who is still capable of chivalry and taking care of a woman's needs.
Wow that guy over there is such a Stud Waffle. I bet he will show me a good time and remember to call me back.

My boyfriend is so lame... I need to go find me a Stud Waffle like Colin.
by Trogthemanchild June 09, 2009

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