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1. (proper noun) Name of a particularly vertical rollercoaster in Indiana, USA.

2. (noun) Any particularly vertical rollercoaster.
The line to ride Lincoln Logs from Hell is too long, so let's find Ultimate Vertical Emu.
by Trogdor August 09, 2004
Some guy trying to imatate Darth Vader
Lord Helmet:"Lone Starr I'm am you brother's couisin's uncle's second roomate"

Lone: "What's that make us"

Lord Helmet: "Absolutley nothing
by Trogdor April 24, 2003
(noun) Any type of soda pop, especially when the brand is not known or mentioning the brand name is to be avoided.
Rachel isn't old enough to order a beer, so she had smoot jooky instead.
by Trogdor August 09, 2004
Trogdor is:
1)a popular creation of Strong Bad of
2)a dragon like thing with one very
strong arm
3)can usually be found "burninating"
whenever "TROGGDORRRRR!!!!" is heard
"TROGDORRRRRRRRRR"(in a high squeaky voice) .....'whoosh' FIRE!!!
by Trogdor November 20, 2003
a term for giving the finger with both hands showing the finger.
My personal favorite way to flip the bird is the double deuce
by Trogdor June 03, 2003
an abreviation for king of town from homestarrunner.com
"its a new day for the kot"
by trogdor April 09, 2003
A king among men... a king... among men.
Geobey is a king among men.
by Trogdor March 23, 2003

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