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Melissa is the root name, however, usually prefer being called Lissy and loathe the nickname Mel.
Lissys are two faced bitches who are self-absorbed and fake. They ignore their true friends to try to get up there on the "social scale". However, they are just a wannabes with a huge bum; which is not a “ghetto booty" as much as they like to call it that, it is just simply a fat arse. Lissys are usually obnoxious who laugh at anything and everything, even if it’s not funny; their laugh is also extremely fake and forced.
Lissys are awfully self-conscious; however, they try to disguise it with their fakeness which only irritates people. Lissys are usually rude and abrupt when they want something. They seem like a nice, happy girl at first and then become annoying, fake, shit stirring wannabes.
Friend: "Hi Lissy, how are you?"
Lissy: *laughing* "I am well!" *laugh some more* "How" *laugh* "are" *still laughing* "you?" *laughter continues for rest of conversation*

Lissy: "Hey!" *fake laughing* "What's up?" *still laughing*
Popular girl (Rachel): "Hi Lissy, nothing really.... um.. rr. HEY SIDNEY!"
Popular girl (Sidney): "Hey Rach! Did you hear about Jake? Oh my god, I have so much to tell you!!"
*Popular girls keep talking... Lissy left standing there awkwardly....*
by trixiebeldon May 24, 2012

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