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A phenomenon described by the sudden and rapid transference of wasabi from the inside of someone's mouth to their eye. Causes inflamation and redness of the eye.

Also known to cause a flailing of limbs, and expletive phrases to shoot forth from the subject's mouth in panic.
Subject: "I was crunching wasabi peas and one just shot out of my mouth into my eye! Fuck!"
Observer: "The Wasabi Effect in practice. Go wash your eye out."
by tristanx February 06, 2010
Word used to describe a stupid action taken in error by the infamous Amphiaraus, player in EVE Online and officer of Black Eclipse Corporation. The phrase was coined after a series of stupid stunts pulled by Amphiaraus (or "Amp" for short) were made common knowledge and laughed about freely.

"The infamy will continue, the list will grow. That much is certain. Beware, so you do not fall victim to the next Ampocalypse!"
Exiting your client while tanking a spawn with hundreds of millions of ISK worth of mining barges in an asteroid belt, while bluntly remarking on TeamSpeak, "I turned off my tank."

Sending a mass mail with your mate's login info to the entire corp instead of to yourself.

Putting up a sell order in a market hub of 100 million worth of megacyte for 10 million.

Popping a mate's brand new Crow (a ship) in your Claw because you didn't turn your autocannons off in time.

Word use: "Ampocalypse now." "Tristan, does that qualify as an Ampocalypse?"
by TristanX September 14, 2006
A contagious infection spread by the unprotected use of the Facebook Poke feature. Repeated poking only serves to aggravate the infection, often leading to secondary infections.

Symptoms include dryness of fingers, sensitivity of finger tips, cramping up of hands, index finger permanently placed in "poking position". Infection also generates a highly addictive and uncontrollable urge to poke others, thereby facilitating further spread.
"Jimmy poked that stranger and caught The Poke. The doctor told him it can't be treated."

"I told you not to poke that girl. She's known to poke guys loosely."
by tristanx May 11, 2010

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