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that one guy who just won't take a hint, no matter how many times you reject him. typically unattractive or undesirable in any way, a creepa will do creepy things such as follow you at a distance when he thinks you dont notice, stalk your myspace, facebook, even twitter and aim, harass mutual friends until they tell him more about you, aquire your number suspiciously and text you a the time, etc.

a creepa may also drive past your house on a regular basis. and how does he find out where you live? phonebooks and google maps.

you may have have the urge to phone the police on your creepa, but you won't because you feel bad that he is so unattractive.

you eventually learn to live life with a creepa or three, most girls have one (wether they know it or not). the nicer the girl, the more creepaas she will likely have
Becca-hey guurlll, how was your weekend??
me- blah, not good. on Friday my creepa kept driving past the house I was babysitting at, how the fuck did he even know I was there? I was about to call the police I remembered how unattractive he is, and I stopped myself. but after he called me for the 65th time, I started seriously considering a restraining order
by trinka on 34th street December 24, 2009
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