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2 definitions by trilliumland

Porkfooting (verb) is the act of of piling on legislation at the expense of taxpayers at all layers of government. This is POTUS down to township dog catcher and is not political party specific for at least a century.

There are no immunities from being a porkfooter, or as in a name, a Porkfoot. (noun) If you have been porkfooted (adverb) you are a victim of porkfooting.
Today, my local porkfooter taxed the fleas on my dog and then billed me for the air I breathed, only to find out when I got home my county porkfooter is assessing me for a new railroad in the swamp where I live. My state is porkfooting me in collaboration with the feds along with local dog catcher for matching porkfoot funds to build a giant windmill in our swamp land.
by trilliumland March 28, 2011
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When a U.S. Senator goes to Washington DC. and has become part of the establishment which he/she fought hard against before being elected.
When candidates frequently state one thing in the campaign and then compromises once they become part of the Washington club, they have been infected with Senatoritis.
by trilliumland January 24, 2011
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