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It's one of the breeding grounds for sluts, whores, and druggies. Not to mention annoying and stuck up freshmen of the class of 2008. They think they own the school when, in fact, they don't. They must know every "popular" person in the school to be "cool." I know I can name a few (or more like a hundred or two) that are like this. They think they are at the top just because they just "happen" to have a brother or a sister that is an upperclassmen. or a neighbor. or "friend" or whatever. Another thing. How they refuse to have any manners at all? Example. I'm walking to my class. Two or three freshmen are standing in my way. I say " excuse me please "....no response. One more time. Still no response...even though they KNOW I am there. But that's enough about freshmen.
Sharpsville Freshman #1: Like. are you getting a ride home today from John (a senior) ?
Freshman #2: noo. i think i'm gonna get a ride from Dev(another senior) instead.
Freshman #1: ohh okay. it's alright. as long as it's a senior we will be alright. because they love us, you know?
by trifri July 16, 2008

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