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Jelly fish from an old episode of Sesame Street, while swishing up and down said "Yop Yop".
Oh, Big Bird stick your beak under water and look at the jellys going "Yop Yop, Yop Yop"...
by trickyCad December 19, 2006
Like a hipster: skinny, from the suburbs, college radio gone indie record intern, in the know, tragic asymmetrical hair, semi hidden tattoos, knows the bartender, sleeps all day, eats sandwiches, lives in Williamsburg - NYC, loves the "L", rich parents that care.

Has name like: "Elliot"

The Dirtster takes it to another level, anemic, from the country (can shoot a gun), doesn't know shit and brags about not knowing, doesn't work, tragic non-sensical mess of a 'do, tattoos all over, sometime doorman, doesn't sleep at all (drugs), doesn't eat, lives in Bushwick, rides beat to shit dirt (ha) bike from swap meet, really rich parent that hate them.

has name like: "Cain"

Dirtster = trusta-hipster = ex-trustafarian
Wow! there's tons of dirtsters (in the LES from Bushwick) today rockin the pencil leg jeans, booger filled shirts, gucci baseball hats and nike MJ 111's bought off ebay.

by trickyCad December 21, 2006
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