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Complete and utter grimness. A situation that appears so bleak that one cannot believe that one has to deal with such situation. The nadir of one's existence.
Despite general grimnosity eveywhere, the Grimnausaurus continue to be grim, doling out urneasonable deadlines and general menial tasks to subordinates.
by tricky disco April 23, 2009
A female with the type of body that one is interesting in partying with.
Despite having far too much to drink, Mike was able to distinguish low hanging fruit from the party chassis in the bar.
by tricky disco April 23, 2009
1. One of the finest songs known to the American males.

2. The peak of one's existence.

3. A really cute female, usually with a party chassis.
One of the best things about spring is not only the weather becomes tricky disco, the scenery outside in terms of the fauna and females becomes more tricky disco than ever.
by tricky disco April 23, 2009
A massive grim swamp donkey.
Michael lost all respect among his friends and co-workers after he woke up next to a Grimnasaurus after a night of heavy partying and considered pulling the coyote move.
by Tricky Disco April 28, 2009
An act done during a fitness class, typically step aerobics or boot camp, in which a participant is physically exhausted but slams his or her hands on the step box to jump start himself or herself.
The cougar was extremely tired from a night of partying, but during her boot camp class, she felt invigorated after she starting banging the box while listening to teenie bopper tunes.
by tricky disco May 12, 2009
A pair of pants, trousers or shorts that lack sufficient space for one's testicles, i.e., no ballroom.
Even though Slush usually wears large shorts, in this situation, he needed the XL because the large looked like a cheap hotel.
by tricky disco April 23, 2009
A high-maintenance woman who generally hates to exercise but in order to try to acquire a party chassis, attends group fitness classes but takes breaks every minute.
When the cupcake showed up 10 minutes late for classes and asked why there were no more weights, Michael showed her to the door, knowing that she would slack off during class anyway because she didn't want to be there.
by tricky disco April 29, 2009
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