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One of two candidates in a no-win situation in 2004. A polarizing figure that tends to bring out the worst in people. One who has trouble verbalizing.
I have yet to find an unbiased definition for George W. Bush. This is the best I could do.
by trick trickster September 28, 2005
interj. Taken from Chappelle's Show, used after you put someone in their place/make them your bitch.
"You sit down when you pee."
by trick trickster September 27, 2005
A racist mediocre rapper but above average producer/media whore who has absolutely no flow and who's style of music can be best described as pop. Doesn't like George Bush.
Kanye West is a blatant racist, but no one says anything about it because he's black.
by trick trickster September 28, 2005
Common misspelling of Unity College.
Person #1 - I go to Unity Collage
Person #2 - IT'S COLLEGE!!!
by trick trickster October 17, 2005
Black only on the outside.
"Osama Bin Laden is an Uncle Tom."
"I don't even know who that's offensive to!"
by trick trickster September 28, 2005

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