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5 definitions by trick

Lines of cocaine.
Did you get the jolts?
by trick January 26, 2004
Houhaism - a belief system developed among ancient friars and characterized by the belief in one true world, that being the realm of AOL Instant Messenger
According to studies released today in the New England Journal of Stuff, Houhaism, a new booming religion, will become one of the largest belief systems ever.
by trick September 22, 2003
Player Hating Dickhead: A term used against somone who is jelous or in general is against someone for being successful
"He was one of those P.H.D motherfuckers, a PLAYA HATIN' DICKHEAD
by Trick November 18, 2003
Dude! ;o.
by trick September 22, 2003
Butter, jolts, skedeetz, bumps, yey.
we need some butter.
by trick January 26, 2004