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4 definitions by tric318920

An act in which the girl you've been waiting to meet up with bullshits you saying she can't come but she still wants to. She either wants you to think that you are worth her time, usually spent being a suck up lesbian, or that she can't hang out when she said she could.
Guy 1: How was it with you girl today? Get some..
Guy 2: Shit! I didn't even see her. She gave me the tactical bullshit.
Guy 1: Maybe she's with the lesbians?
by tric318920 November 22, 2011
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A slutty girl who is shared by brothers in off an on hook ups, or bounces back and forth from one to the other, making the brothers hate each other.
Guy 1: didn't she just date your brother?
Guy 2: Yeah, but we've been making out.
Guy 1: Dude, get rid of her, shes like your family slut.
Later that day, guy 2 gets his ass kicked by his older brother.
by tric318920 November 22, 2011
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1. An area with lots of shitty graffiti by toys. It looks bad and stupid, and it's everywhere.

2. A Youtube graffiti video in which the majority of the comments are people thinking they're cool sayin "gay", or toy, while in reality they're toys, or might not even be a writer. Retards...
1. guy 1: Dude, screw youtube! All their graff videos are toyfests.
guy 2: you hypocrite you comment all the time man.

2. guy 1: lets find a fresh wall, no more toyfests.
guy 2: yeah
by tric318920 November 20, 2011
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Trolling Addiction Disorder. People have become so obsessed with trolling, rick rolling, and tactical fagging that it's just gay and annoying. But sure, it was hilarious maybe the first three times.
girl 1: for all you out there with T.A.D. fuck off!
troll 1: umadbro?
troll 2: *likes comment* whyumadtho? trololol
2 hours later
girl 1 gets rick rolled
by tric318920 December 07, 2011
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