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1. Derived from the word fuck. Meaning to "go fuck yourself you piece of shit"
2. A combination of the words fuck,shit,you. Its origin can be traced back to San Joaquin valley,CA. Most likely Stockton circa early 90's.
3. Known to the English language as a word so insulting its victims usually die of shock.
Person 1:Hey you over there!

Person 2:Yeah?

Person 1:Fukatchu!!!

Person 2: Oh my God!!! (dies of shock)
by trialbampon February 01, 2005
1. A referance to ones breath

2. Hot garbage
person 1: Shit I am Sooo tired today

Person 2: God Damn! Get away from me you're breath smell like horbage!

Person 1: Sorry....
by trialbampon February 01, 2005
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