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A term for an Apple computer by those who do not like them because they are not good.
I can't believe Judy bought a Crapple when PC's are so much better.
by Trent Kuver December 20, 2008
Amnesia with Tourettes Syndrome added in. Swearing up a storm and not remembering why.
I don't know why I was swearing last night, must have been damnesia.
by Trent Kuver May 07, 2008
Being ominous in an anonymous way. Foreshadowing evil without revealing ones identity. To be foreboding and remain unknown.
I was in a chat room last night and this anominous guy was really scaring me.
by Trent Kuver February 06, 2009
Having ones head put back on. Usually only able to be done with zombies or in cartoons.
Hey, Steve was recapitated!
Nice to see you didn't completely lose your head!!!!
by Trent Kuver February 06, 2009
Being online for what seems like forever. Staying on the Internet for way too long.
I was online last night for what seemed like an Internety!
by Trent Kuver May 07, 2008
When you type and can't seem to type correctly. Transposing letters in a word because one finger wants to keystroke before it should. When typing, adding a space in the middle of a word or where it does not belong. Constantly having to click backspace to correct the problem.
I don't know what my deal was in chat last night, must have been spastic finger syndrome.
by Trent Kuver May 07, 2008
Being paranoid about being prepared or preparing to be paranoid. The paranoia that comes from not knowing if you are prepared. The time before being paranoid when you feel as if you may become paranoid.
I was suffering from preparanoia before the test yesterday.
by Trent Kuver February 06, 2009
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