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from the work unit code (WUC) book in the military meaning " no error found" read as "operator error"
sorry LT i had to alpha 799 you on that discrepancy. you may need to read up on the on/off switch location.
#a799 #alpha 799 #alpha seven ninety nine #alpha seven 99 #alpha 7 99
by tren34135 December 17, 2009
a picture taken of very clean healthy subject. usually depicting a healthy lifestyle.
we took some pictures of the group running today and they turned out very photohygienic ,unlike those very

un-photohygeinic pictures we took of them at the party at 4am.
#un-photohygeinic #photohygenic #fotohygenic #fotohygienic #un-healthy picture
by tren34135 January 22, 2010
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