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5 definitions by treehead

Disorientation, frustration, or confusion resulting from too much mental or visual stimuli or attempts to process or organize multiple tasks simultaneously (See also io).
"I've been on computer all day--Newsgroups, IRC, IM, e-mail, surfing the Net. I've gotta cut down on the self-induced information overload."

"The first week of my freshman semester was total information overload."

"I didn't want to go back to the hotel, but after a day in downtown New York, I was suffering from information overload."
by treehead February 19, 2007
An uncontrollable obsession with the Flickr photo sharing site, marked by very long sessions of browsing, commenting and tagging others' photos or uploading, labeling, organizing, and reorganizing ones own photos.
"My god, I just spent 5 hours on my photo collection... I have got to shake the Flickrdiction!"

"I have a major Flickrdiction... all I do at work is look at people's pictures."
by treehead August 10, 2007
An attempt to divert attention away from a direct question by overloading a response with information (See information overload).
"I asked John if he accidentally rebooted the server and he responded by IO jamming for the next half hour about his hectic afternoon."

"My girlfriend asked me if I've been dating other chicks, so I just started IO jamming until she forgot what she asked me."
by treehead February 19, 2007
Commericial establishment once known for its plentiful supply of esoteric electronic and computing parts and peripherals, now turned cellphone dealership slash Sharper Image.
Man, I can't find any widget-couplers at RadioJack anymore!

Yeah, I used to shop at RadioJack, back when they were RadioShack...
by treehead November 03, 2007
Computer hardware, operating system, or software prone to reboots or cause rebooting.
"I had to ditch that old, rebooty system for a new one."

"Installing UNIX was the best thing I ever did, Windows was way too rebooty."

"Dude, I have to wipe my system and start from scratch. That software you gave me was rebooty."
by treehead January 19, 2007