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Downingtown East High School was established in 2003 after Downingtown High School split which is now known as Downingtown West. The principal is Paul E. Hurley, famous for his ponytail. Downingtown East is in the richer area of the two schools. Also is the more intelligent school. At East most girls are slutty and the guys think they are hot shit. 80% of the students blaze the ganja. Then there are the faggots who write bomb threats in the bathrooms, the school has to evacuate everyone from the building. It's not funny. Downingtown East is not as good in sports as West except for a few like girls basketball and boys lacrosse and hockey. And the arguement will never end who is the better school, East or West.
Normal Day at Downingtown East High School.

kid 1: yo man, you need any trees?
kid 2: nah bro i'm good, i just got some bangin kush the other day.
kid 1: oh word...
kid 2: yeah, wanna blaze that shit tomorrow?
kid 1: alright dude, im down.

Bomb Threat Evacuation #3

Mr. Hurley (on loudspeaker) : There has been a threat to the school, for the safety of students and staff, we will be evacuating the building at this time

kid 1: here we go again....
kid 2: if i find out who's doing this, this kid will be dead.
kid 1: i know right, this kid is in deep shit.
by treeblazer46 January 12, 2010

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