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Actually means a supercool kid named Robert.
Wow you're one hell of a cool Trebor, Robert.
by Trebor January 25, 2005
A Cooch, Pussy, ect.
Smells like fish, tastes like chicken you don't know what I've been licken?
by trebor August 07, 2004
A man (esp. in the armed services or police) who posesses a phallus of immense girth or length. Also used to describe people with huge self esteem.
I am Officer McIhaveahugecock.
by Trebor May 05, 2003
when a guy takes a shit on a woman's face or vice versa
Eva Bruan used to give young Adolph a hot lunch with his Jagrmeister.
by Trebor April 17, 2003

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