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A man who serial kills, rapes or wife beats, tortures, humiliates women because he's sad that he is a man and envies women.
Ted bundy is a sad sack sadist but wants us to think he's mad at his ex dumping him. Ann Rule was a friend of his and wrote a book about him inviting all his friends to meet him at a gay bar. Too bad he can't just meet a nice guy instead of being such a SAD SACK SADIST.
by treading water January 06, 2013
Jealousy of the opposite sex based on desire to be a member of the opposite sex. Dan became a serial killer of beautiful young women because he was jealous of their power-especially their power to attract males. He was afraid to admit he was gay and he was afraid to get a sex change so he decided if he couldn't win as a man then he'd kill what he perceived as the competition--women!
Earnest had gender envy until he realized he had the option of getting a sex change.
by treading water June 11, 2015

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