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Ultimatum is a game played when a person is given a choice of multiple scenarios he/she would rather have happen, usually consisting of one painful option, one option involving a homosexual act, and one involving harm to a family member. The game is initiated by shouting "ULTIMATUM!!!" followed by describing the three scenarios from which the subject has to choose. Make sure that the person chosen to receive this "ultimatum" to will take it very seriously and will be highly offended by being forced to choose as this will add comedic affect to the selection. By following the traditional rules of giving a painful scenario, a gay one, and one involving harm to a family member, you are setting up the subject to choose the gay option. When he/she does so, it is appropriate to shout at them and say " YOU ALWAYS PICK THE GAY ONES!". This will lead to a very depressed reaction from the victim of your ultimatum, providing entertainment to the rest of the sadistic group that beats up on this poor kid.
Bill: "Hey Tony, ULTIMATUM!!!!, would you rather smash your testicles with a jackhammer, have anal with your mailman, or kill your brother"

Tony: "O Cmon guys this is gay im not answerin this"

Bill: "Answer it or you're doin both!"

Tony: "Fine, the second one"

by tre smalls January 21, 2010

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