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Jumpp means to shit on someone's chest - to dump on their jubblies. See also jug-dump (q.v.)
"To err is human, to jumpp divine". The Buddha.
by trayfern August 29, 2013
1. Cast metal circular cover providing access to an urban sewerage system.
2. Male orifice, typically the mouth but also could refer to the anus or butthole.
"You are talking out your manhole homes."
"Dude you want to keep your manhole covered or someone's gonna cap your ass."
by Trayfern August 30, 2013
A turd or shit. As a plural, arse-biscuits indicates strong disbelief in the sentiment just expressed.
Husband: damn that arse-biscuit is redder than a motherfucker.
Wife: yes, perhaps a trip to the infirmary is in order?

Person1: Canadian football is superior since, with only 3 downs, there is more of an emphasis on a passing game.
Person2: Arse-biscuits!
by Trayfern August 29, 2013
Small penis. Tiny wiener.
Chick: Woah that is one sorry excuse for a twiener.
Dude: *never recovers*
by Trayfern August 30, 2013
1. Kind of tree, like a larch or fir.

2. Lazy way of saying popular
Neighbour: Is that a poplar growing in your yard, they are some fine-ass trees.
Man: Thank you yes we are rather proud of it.

Dude1: Have you seen *insert name of popular person* lately?
Dude2: Hell no! Let's face it she's way too poplar to hang out with us losers.
by Trayfern August 29, 2013
1. Site for disseminating classified information.
2. Collaborative pissing in order to soak an object in urine.
Man1: "That jerkoff *insert name of jerkoff* is out and he's left his door unlocked. Let's go piss on his bed!"
Man2: "No doubt. I call Wikileaks".
by Trayfern August 30, 2013

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