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to carry light within
Ghandi intraphotoported his entire life!
You are very intraphotoportic!
I am going to take intraphotoportication next year!
by travtmantreeman March 28, 2008
pronounced simpathy z em
the religion or act of worshipping milk and not going to church
The catholic church is losing many people to sympathiesm
because people would rather sleep in on sunday and worship milk for breakfast.
by travtmantreeman March 28, 2008
pronounced: die-nen-deck-toe
to have the power to be inside and outside at the same time
sally- Bill I don't think you can handle being dynendecto.
bill- Shut up!
by travtmantreeman March 28, 2008
the construction before recronstruction or preconstructing for a second time
mike- When will the prereconstruction being?
tim- Either before the reconstruction or after the preconstruction.

synonyms- prepostconstruction, repreconstruction, construction
by travtmantreeman March 28, 2008
noob, which derived from the old indian saying noobie to describe settlers, means
1. person who is new at the game, website, etc and lacks the knowledge of it
2. person who has no skill at a game even if they've been playing for a long period of time.
3. person who just owned you but your mad at them so you call them a n00b
Look at the cute little noobs!
by travtmantreeman March 28, 2008
lathargic apathetic monotone person
Those lamps are very boring. Lets find something else to stare at.
by travtmantreeman March 28, 2008

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