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half black, half white.
I.E. the actress halle berry
by travizzle July 18, 2005
When you announce your intention to depart from a party and start saying goodbye to people, and you also try to get your friends to leave with you, but are ultimately unsuccessful and end up staying.
Randy began a Scottish goodbye - he's been telling people he's leaving for the last three hours and he's still here!
by Travizzle October 07, 2014
A lesbian who is trying to be fem but can't quite get it together. She's maybe wearing mascara and a little blush, and definitely closed toed Keens, but she's not yet a lipstick lesbian.
Shoshanna used to be butch but now she's a Chapstick Lesbian - I think she's even wearing concealer!
by Travizzle May 31, 2014

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