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2 definitions by travhave

The main character in the movie Hustle & Flow. Played by
Terrence Howard. He also made 3 songs for that movie which are hits. They are Whoop That Trick, It Aint Over, and Hard Out There For a Pimp.
John: " Hustle and Flow is an awesome movie "
Jack: " Yeah, I love DJay."

Joe: " DJay has awesome songs"
Jay: " I love its hard out there for a pimp "
by travhave August 15, 2006
14 6
When you're playing Gran Turismo 4 and you're getting bronze on everything in the licence tests.
Joe: " Dude you suck!"
Bobby: " Im totally bronzing out!"

Bobby: " I can never get Silver or Gold..this sucks"
Joe: " Dont worry, youre only bronzing out."
by travhave June 11, 2006
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