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Final and conclusive proof that bukkake 'models' should wash more frequently.
"That fucking woman had a CHEDDAR growing on her face. She should take some time 'off the cock', or perhaps wash"
by trashcanglam March 11, 2005
Not in any conventional dictionary, and therefore a prime candidate for inclusion in all conventional dictionaries. As heavily promoted by Trevor and Simon.
"Borrovan isn't in the dictionary."
"You are correct. It is not."
by trashcanglam November 01, 2004
A term used in teh gayness, indicating that the gayer (being yourself) has recently received (or given) a gaying for no reason other than pity (or guilt).
I got a sympathy bumming from twenty sailors last night, as I had lost a contact lens.
by trashcanglam October 31, 2004
Popular catchphrase coined by 'Yorkshire Ripper' Peter Sutcliffe as he swung wildly at a prostitute with a claw hammer.
Peter Sutcliffe : "Stop! Hammer Time!"

Whore : "No! NO!" *smash*
by trashcanglam March 11, 2005
A geological feature of interest in Somerset, UK. As is Wookie Hole.
"Cheddar Gorge my Wookie Hole"
by trashcanglam March 11, 2005
It's a dirty hole at the back end of the 'intimate masculine area' into which men of a certain disposition may receive (for purposes of corporeal gratification and relief of pent-up guilt) a hard cock and/or some milky hate. You already know what it is, don't you? FROM EXPERIENCE.
"Stick you filthy mackerel up my dirty 'man bunce', you musclebound Russian sailor"
by trashcanglam March 11, 2005
Oh come on, you know she's only letting you do it because she didn't have any luck wandering around the common with her arse sticking out.
"Ooh Dennis, 'pretend rape' me. You could be like Peter Sutcliffe but without the hammer."
by trashcanglam March 11, 2005

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