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The Winchester Whistler is defined as follows: Two partners bare buttocks are each clenched together as tightly as possible whilst being pressed against each other's buttocks. Once maximum pressure has been achieved, each person releases flatulence at the exact same moment creating a "whistling" sound as the flatus escapes through the tightly sealed spaces.
"My, Harold, my buttcheeks certainly feel sore from that winchester whistler last night."
by transdelusional sex alchemist October 01, 2007
The Manayunk junk-funk is defined as follows: After a humid summer night of bar hopping involving excessive drinking, extremely passionate intercourse takes place between a male and female whereby penetration of every oraphus occurs for approximatly three hours. Too drunk to comprehend the build up of various bodily fluids compounded by perfuse ball sweat, the male passes out and awakens in the late afternoon with a layer of taint cheese spanning from the tip of the phallus to the outer rim of the anus. A varation of the Manayunk junk-funk for the female is the "Manayunk trunk-funk."
"Sweet Jesus Bill, last night i pounded Suzy for hours and awoke to find a coating of the Manayunk junk-funk steaming from stem to stern..."
by transdelusional sex alchemist October 01, 2007

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