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1)A derogatory term for a transsexual woman, which implies she isn't a "real" woman. It is most commonly used in porn for straight cisgender men; also used in dehumanizing trans women for joke or violence.

2)A term used to insult a cissexual/cisgender person by implying that ze is a trans woman.

3)An affectionate term for any trans-identified person; language reclamation from 1st term. Most commonly used by young trans people, especially trans men & masculine genderqueers, among whom the "language reclamation" use started. Trans women have argued that this use of the term is appropriation, not reclamation, as the derogatory use of the term has almost exclusively focused on women, yet 'reclamation' efforts have largely been steered by men.
1 & 2--see "definitions" by "mike" (and variants).

3)Hey, did you hear, the Tranny Roadshow's playing at Genderblur tonight!

I thought this was a queer/trans dance. There's, like, three trannies here. They don't even have gender neutral bathrooms!
by transbitch October 31, 2007
A gender neutral/ambiguous pronoun, paired with hir (pronounced "here"). The two usages below represent different takes on what it should be used for.

1)A pronoun for a person which makes no assumptions about a person's gender.

2)A pronoun for a person who does identifies outside of the gender binary, who prefers neither "he" nor "she".
1)What a hottie! I don't know what gender ze is, but I wonder if ze'll give me hir phone number.

If someone comes by looking for you, what should I tell hir?

2)Feinberg is probably most famous for hir 1993 book, _Stone_Butch_Blues_.

I completely destroyed hir in a game of madden.
by transbitch October 31, 2007

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