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In an MMO game, for example, Selling Loot Rights.

The following is quoted from mmoquests.com, by Stargrace, with clarifying annotations in {braces.}
In EQ2 {Everquest 2} gear becomes bound to you when you do {loot it from a chest, in} an instance. You’re able to trade that loot with anyone who was in the instance for 48 hours after it was looted. What players do is leave the item in the chest, change the loot options to leader only (thus allowing you to assign the loot to someone) auction the gear in a channel, invite the winner to the group, summon them to the dungeon, and pass them the loot.
SLR is similar to WTS (Want To Sell)
In the example, an announcement for SLR to an item in the auction channel, pp = Platinum Pieces
MMOplayer tells Auction(1), "SLR Gore-Imbued Chausses starting @ 100pp"
by trannytooner January 21, 2012
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