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Something not nearly as proliferous as the raging liberal bias in the US media.
Liberals scream "Fox News!" when giving an example of conservative bias. Please. If conservatives yelled about CNN, ABC, CBS, PBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek, Time and the New York Times half as much as the Left yells about Fox, even I'd get bored with them.
by tradesman June 01, 2004
One of the best carmakers out there, and one of the all-time best makers of police cars. Too bad they don't anymore.
That '69 Dodge Polara will smoke an Impala SS.
by tradesman July 11, 2003
An increasingly obscure term denoting a cylinder in an internal-combustion engine. 8 candles = 8 cylinders.
Damn, he still won the heads-up with only seven candles lit!
by tradesman April 30, 2003
1. An individual or group of individuals that embrace all views...unless you disagree with them.

2. Most of the media.

3. One who would rather take away your constitutional right to bear arms, then to take away bin Laden's or Saddam's weapons.
Today's liberals want to make the world a better place...as long as they don't have to make the big sacrifices, and someone else does.
by tradesman March 31, 2003
A flip-flopper of the first order. Has consistantly portrayed himself as a war veteran when he wasn't. Has constantly lied about atrocities US troops supposedly commited there in 'Nam that he has never NEVER provided proof for. Has consistantly portrayed himself as a champion of the "little people", when he has no clue as to what that entails. Has consistantly given multiple answers to a singular issue and marks it up to nuance. I guess Kerry is consistant, after all.
How does it feel, John, in this "land of two Americas", that you have to go through ours to get to yours?
by tradesman March 14, 2005
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