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Derogatory name of a man with a penis of below average girth. Applies no matter what length
(1st girl) "how was your date last night?"
(2nd girl) "Date with who?...Oh, Darren Small Cock. It was 'grrreat'... I didn't get much or orgasm until after he left ;)"
by tracyducy December 16, 2012

Describes acts of stealing, procuring, getting out of doing a difficult task, or anything sneaky around the appartment
1 A bob ninja rarely washes the dishes, cleans the shower hairtrap even after jizzing up the hairball, or does any laundry.

2 The only thing a bob ninja can't do is steal something heavier than humanly possable to carry.

3 A bob ninja always seems to have plenty of time for daily masturbating to web porn
by tracyducy December 16, 2012

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