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a girl who is quiet in bed
Guy1: How was that girl last night?
Guy2: she was good but she didnt scream she was an acoustic chick
by trackstar17 April 07, 2009
a stick used to stir human feces
When my child at my wedding ring, i used a poopstick to get it out.
by trackstar17 July 22, 2009
Virtual High Five.
This needs to be said when speaking to someone on the computer and need to congratulate them for a good job.
Email 1: I proposed and she said yes!
Email 2: Nice dude! VH5!
by trackstar17 April 14, 2009
looking fresh while playing a sport (usually baseball)
Crotou was being dirty while pitching today.
Nick Swisher wants to be as dirty as Crotou.
by trackstar17 April 18, 2009

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