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Well, supre. Yes. Supre is lovely. Hmm at least I can find some clothes I like there geeeezzz god u poos that are saying its overpriced, slutty, tacky, emo/poser/tryhard, for teeny boppers and skinny sluts and flimsy!

Well it is not overpriced because most things are rather reasonable and around the price of other shops.. maybe these people only shop at SaveMart and various other discount/second hand shops??

Yeah I do admit some of the clothes are slutty but its mostly how people wear them.. there just like normal clothes and most people who wear rather revealing poo wud put other clothes underneath so its actually not that revealing.

Tacky: No. Same as any other shop like JJs who also put out retarded slogan tops too.. And most of the stuff doesnt really go out of fashion in 5 months because they have a lot of basic stuf like jeans and normal t-shirts and the more "in fashion" clothes do go out of fashion eventually at any shop cause fashion is a moving industry. yes.

Iv seen many a fat person shop at supre and some clothes are actually already really large so XL will accomodate for most people. The smallest size im pretty sure XXXS which is generally for younger people not anorexics.. And geez anorexic need a place to shop too!

Flimsy nah. I have owned a supre top for 3 years and still wear it proudly every day/not cause thats retarded but the top is still going strong!!
Liana "My mom Vicki buys me clothes from Supre because they are normal and cool and rather nice"

Tracey "Ok lol umm cool, yes i like supre too hehe"

Liana "Why are you saying lol if this is a verbal conversation between you and me???"

Tracey: "Ummm lol fyi i am ott"

Liana "Its retarded when ppl say they dont like supre!!!!! cause wtf these people who wrote these definitions must feel very strongly!"

Tracey "Yeahh im just bored"
by tracey and lj January 03, 2008

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