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when a person's speech comes out in nonsensical phrases. for comedic purposes, it is preferred that the person is just momentarily inarticulate rather than having a serious medical issue.
they laughed for hours at Jake Benson's Autotune Remix of Serene Branson's on-air meltdown but their souls were saved when it was discovered that she was not having a stroke but rather a migraine-related birdtation.

Maureen: "dammie when poopoo."
Robbie: "haha, birdtation!"
Anthony: "yeah, dummy. stupid dog."
by toyMasulina March 02, 2011
a style of fashion in which random articles of clothing are worn with no real concern for coordination or societal criticism. e.g. Christmas cardigan over a collared blouse, workout shorts over Star Wars leggings, with a beanie on the head and cowboy boots on the feet.
Young ladies who are into toddler chic frequent Etsy and thrift stores in search of the perfect random articles of clothing to wear.
by toyMasulina January 28, 2013
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