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A term used to describe a British person acting like a supreme toolshed.
That red coat over there is being a king george due to the fact that there is three good looking females present.
by toxic540 June 13, 2005
a food or sauce that is ment to compliment a main food item (i.e. ketchup on a hotdog or vinegar on a sandwich) and replaces it with its own strong flavor.
The following are flavor nazis:
1. Bacon (i.e. in a hamburger or sandwich other than a BLT)
2. Ketchup
3. A1 Steak Sauce
4. Vinegar based sauce
by toxic540 April 30, 2007
The phrase used to describe the event in which one person makes another person "flinch" via pretending to punch them, pretending to throw something at them, or through any other agressive action in which you do not actually touch or hit the subject. If the person flinches (just blinking does not count as flinching) from this action you have the right to say "ride it." When said the guilty party (the one who flinches) must grab your arm which you will hold at a 90 degree angle and the guilty party must grab onto it with either hand and with the other hand must hold it up and twirl it with one finger up as if they were signaling a homerun. Depending on the severity of the flinch, the victim might need to make noises. "Riding it," is a sign of respect for the person who is being rid.
(fake punch)
stefan: you flinched ride it pussy
greg: stfu i didnt flinch
mike: yeah you did you little bitch
greg: ok fine
(rides it)
by toxic540 June 05, 2007
acronym for bush league. below ones standards, low quality, cheap.
Playing fùtbol with a crumpled up piece of paper is bl.
by Toxic540 August 11, 2006
Short for mildly retarded.
Those chicks are defiantly mild.
by Toxic540 September 23, 2005

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