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1 definition by toughlovesickem7563456

A Swiss psychological sabotoge technique. This test, developed in secret, admistered in secret, results analysed in secret and measures taken in secret is a way the Swiss promote homocide, suicide and fights in the auberwelt (outerworld) through the scary and enraging defamacious diagosis it yeilds. Hey come on, it looks at the imagination which changes very hour, but if you ask around, these testers go mostly by gossip and use one set of cards for patient testing and another for public viewing. More than 3 different but similar sets of inkblots are used. A tiny alligator mouth is used on the 2 bat # 5 diagrams for public viewing, but a huge alligator mouth shall be found on the inkblot used for testing purposes. Don't see that alligator mouth or you'll be diagnoised with schitzophrenia, scitzophrenia and scitsophrenia. (These spellings ARE presently all being used by psychiatrists.)

Swiis psychological warfare expert, Rorschach, invented the inkblot test after getting in a fight with a colleage over what an accidental inkblot looked like.
"Joe didn't want to share the results of his Rorschach Test with anyone for fear of rejection. After related depression and thoughts of suicide, a friend of Joe joking called him a 'nut.' So Joe shanked his buddy in the kidneys. The news of this assualt spread and helped Swiss and U.S. stock holders who had invested in U.S. psych industries make more money treating insanity and tramas. Swiiss privateering and sabatoging spies, like Rorschach himself, were pleased with the money and 0 accountablity"
by toughlovesickem7563456 December 10, 2011