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This word means a person who gives alot of head. A term used in the South Miami area mainly Kendall. Also can be used to describe a person that has a big mouth, good for sucking dick. People who rather suck dick than fuck. Can be used in spanish.
1.Look at that bocafanda ass bitch.

2.Mira esa tiene tremenda bocafanda.
#shone #whore #slut #dicksucker #cockmuncher
by totosmasher January 19, 2010
A person who likes to eat assholes. Is mainly used by hispanics in the miami area yet can still be used in english. Comes from the latin word boca meaning mouth and narga meaning ass. Can also mean that a persons breath smells like ass or really bad morning breath.
1.Ella le gustan los bocanargas.

2.Damn bro go brush your teeth you have bocanarga.
#asslicker #rusty trumbone #morning breath #bad breath #smell
by totosmasher January 20, 2010
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