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"Salope" is better translated as "slut" than as "bitch".
Bitch can better be translated as "chienne".
It is the general french word for a promiscuous woman.
It also carries a meaning of being egoistical and disrespectful of others. Like the english word "nasty", "salope" has two meanings : sexual promiscuity and egoistical behavior.
When used for the egoistical behavior caracterization only, it can be correctly translated by "bitch".
"Suce, salope!" -- "Suck, slut!"

"La patrone est une vraie salope" :
The female boss is a real bitch.
by toto le rototo October 17, 2006
The current center of the world-empire, after Rome and Babylon, the presomptuous USA being controlled through european banks since its creation.
The operational center is the City of London.
"Europe sucks, USA rules!"
--- "Yeah right, retard..."
by toto le rototo October 17, 2006

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