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When a dirty tampon(s) are used for a similar action as a cockslap.
He pissed heroffso much that she whipped it out and dirty vagslapped him!!!
by toto April 14, 2006
to diss someone badly
after saying "damn yo hair is NAPPY!!' someone can say "aww...cuz...he charged you UP!!!'
by toto December 03, 2003
a penis that is missing its tip
lat night i dropped a knife and now i have a chuter!!
by toto August 03, 2005
when i man/woman gets railed up the ass and gets the giz in there ass then it gets crusty, later when person does some sort of activity or just goes up in temperature the cum oozes out of the ass
FAG, your having anal secretions
by toto August 03, 2005
when a penis is so small that it looks like there is a crevice between your testicals that resembles a vagina, so hence balls and a vagina makes a ballgina
man, that water is so cold it makes me have a ballgina
by toto August 03, 2005
the act of semen discharging from an erected penis or when you cum
i chortled in that bitches eye last night
by toto August 03, 2005

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